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FAQs for Everyone

Will insurance cover these tests?

There are two answers to this question, depending on how the test is ordered. When these tests are ordered by a healthcare professional, most people are covered through their insurance, including Medicare. To be sure, we recommend you check with your company first. When individuals order these tests for themselves, they usually are not covered by insurance, but they are HSA eligible.

Will current medications affect these tests?

Almost never. In other words, you don’t have to stop taking current medications to have these tests done.

Is treatment available for allergies?

Yes, depending on the severity and type of allergy. Many allergies can be greatly diminished through immunotherapy; a build-up of the body’s immune system response to the specific allergen.

FAQs from Patients / Individuals

Will this test accurately demonstrate whether I have allergies or not?

Absolutely! This laboratory test has been FDA accepted for years. It measures your antibodies to the picogram. Doctors from around the world, including the US military, hospitals, clinics, universities and other labs order this test.

What if I think I have food allergies?

There was a study done by the National Institutes of Health citing this test as possibly the best available test to determine food allergy.

Can I test for chemicals that I’m exposed to at work?

Most likely, yes. We can test for several hundred chemicals and occupational allergens found in the workplace.

Does my doctor know about these tests?

These tests have been around for many years. Your doctor is probably well aware of them.

How can I get this test performed on me?

We will be happy to send you information about these tests, as well as provide you with the supplies your doctor will need to get your blood sample to us. There is a nominal fee to cover shipping. Please call our toll free number (800) 222-5775 for details.

FAQs from Physicians / Practitioners

What is involved in implementing allergy testing for my practice?

It’s actually very easy. When you partner with us, you simply draw blood, send it to us, order the tests that you’d like done, and get results. We also have some great resources to help you select your patient’s best treatment options. Be sure to view our Allergy Testing in Your Practice presentation.

Is sample preparation going to be complicated and time-consuming?

No, it isn’t. We provide you with pre-packaged supplies shipping materials, allowing you to easily and quickly pack and send your samples. Just dial 1-800-PICKUPS, and UPS will pick it up!

I haven’t dealt very intimately with treating allergies before – can you help?

Yes, we are always happy to answer questions, connect you with immunotherapy suppliers, and help in any other way that we can.