Allergy Drops

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You may have heard about allergy drop therapy. This is a form of immunotherapy (like shots) to build immunity against the allergens (substances people are allergic to) not tolerated in an allergic individual. These can be grasses, weeds, trees, molds, etc. This therapy is referred to as SLIT, or SubLingual Immuno Therapy. This type of therapy has been done in Europe for years.

Here in the U.S., SLIT is not yet FDA cleared. Most insurance companies will NOT pay for this type of allergy treatment. Yet, many have found compelling reasons to pursue SLIT therapy. First, there has not been a reported anaphylactic reaction to these drops, making them very safe. Secondly, these drops are taken at home, negating a weekly trip to the doctor’s office for a shot. The drops are formulated through compounding pharmacies. These drops can only be made with a prescription from a physician.

It is also important to note that these drops are made from the exact same extracts that are used in allergy injection therapy (shots). The only difference is the route of administration (under the tongue instead of injection in the arm). Also, allergy drops are taken several times a day as opposed to weekly allergy shots.

Should you have interest in this type of treatment, speak to your physician. If your doctor is unaware of SLIT, you can do an internet search of the companies that provide this service. If you get stuck, call us and we can give you several names of entities with which we are familiar.