Benefits of a Self-Ordered Test

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Why should I consider ordering my own test?
Whether you are actively seeing a primary care physician or not, here are a number of reasons why you might want to order your own allergy tests or blood work.

  • You need to know your numbers.   More people probably know their credit score than their cholesterol level. Whether it’s for allergy or other types of lab tests, knowing your levels for a variety of health factors can keep you ahead of potential problems, and help you better address current ones.
  • There are only about 4,500 board-certified allergists in the U.S.   This can mean long waits, overpriced tests, and being treated like you’re just another number. With a self-ordered blood test from Commonwealth Medical Laboratories, you can save time, pay less for the test than you would anywhere else, and have access to real personalized customer service.
  • Be pro-active about your health without giving your insurance any red flags.   Doctors are required to give test results to the paying insurance company, so “high-risk” values can actually increase your rates. With a self-ordered test, you can identify something like high cholesterol, work on lowering your numbers, and avoid incurring that insurance penalty in the process.
  • Pinpoint your issues as specifically as possible, and lower the cost of addressing them.   If you know exactly what you’re allergic to, or whatever other problem you are dealing with, you can treat specifically for that, probably achieving a faster and less expensive return to good health. While many consider allergy to be merely a nuisance, the truth is it’s one of the most expensive disease states – over $11 billion are spent on allergy / asthma annually in the United States.

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