Why Doctors Love Us

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The Unique Qualities That Our Physician Practice Partners LOVE About Us.

Here are just a few of the many reasons that physician practices love working with us:

• Satisfied Patients = Satisfying Practice
Drawing blood takes much less of a patient’s time than a skin test, and causes much less discomfort.

• Better Economics for Your Office
Instead of having to refer patients out to overwhelmed specialists with long waiting lists, keep your patients in-house and treat them faster.

• Take Out Two Birds With One Stone
Order allergy tests and other blood work together.

• Take Advantage of Our Expertise
We can lend our expertise to answer those “tough” allergy-related questions that your clients will inevitably ask.

• Flexible Billing Options
Billing to your practice, patient, third-party insurance or Medicare and Medicaid. And, your invoice will be itemized, displaying each patient and number of tests that were run.

• When You Call, We Answer!
That’s right – no endless chains of pre-recorded voices. We’re happy to speak with you and answer your questions.

• Specimen Shipment Is Easy … and FREE
CML provides all materials needed to order and transport samples. We provide order forms, unbreakable screw-top serum vials, zip-lock sample bags and postage-paid mailers that meet air and ground transport requirements. We also offer several transport alternatives (Priority Postal or Priority UPS). You decide which is best for you!

• Unparalleled Testing
The largest allergen selection in the country – nearly 1,000 allergens (grasses, weeds, trees, molds, mites, animals, drugs, chemicals, foods, and more) available! You are free to choose IgE or IgG testing as well as a Total IgE. We will hold ALL samples a minimum of four months, making re-draws unnecessary in most cases. Test results can be faxed, mailed in hard-copy, retrieved via our Partner Portal, or you can even call us.

• Treatment Assistance Resources
We can assist with things like treatment set suppliers, educational materials, and even diet programs available for your allergy patients.