Why Choose Commonwealth Medical Laboratories?

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Easy and Convenient

Our years of experience serving private practices, pro-active individuals, and even other clinical reference labs have enabled us to create a simple process for each that enables you to get what you need without much fuss.

Fast and Accurate

Practically EVERY other health-related test is done through blood work; why not your allergies?! Unlike most other testing facilities, we have multiple methodologies available for testing. Being able to choose the best method for any given test helps us ensure the greatest accuracy in results, and we get those results to you quickly.

Affordable and Accessible

We have taken prudent measures over the years to achieve a “Goldilocks” state of existence; we are not too big to offer personal service, nor are we too small to serve a national customer base. Rather, we are just right to offer extraordinary services and customer care at much lower prices than our competition.


Saving you time.

Saving you money.

Saving you from frustration.

accurate and affordable allergy test

We are:

Allergy and Immunology testing exclusively including HYTEC288 (IgE, IgG, IgG4), ELISA and related testing modalities.

Use our toll free number and reach a real person. You will never have to listen to an endless directory or be dumped into someone’s voice mail.
(800) 222-5775

An extensive history in allergy testing that dates back to 1985.

We contribute to educational meetings and organizations involved in the scientific study of allergy and immunology.

We have the largest allergen selection in the country; nearly 1,000 inhalant, food, drug, insect and occupational allergens available! You are free to choose IgE or IgG testing as well as a Total IgE.

We hold ALL samples a minimum of four months, making re-draws unnecessary in most cases.

Federally CLIA licensed, CAP Proficiency, certified technologists, Ph.D. Immunologist and M.D. Director.

“Gold Standard” in vitro testing, at competitive prices.

We can lend our expertise to answer those “tough” allergy-related questions. Our state-of-the-art equipment enables us to provide you with an accurate and affordable allergy test.